Why Reading Will be Your Best Investment.

It’s no secret that the most successful people in the world are obsessed with reading and learning everything they can.

“I just sit in my office and read all day”

Warren Buffett

The single best decision I ever made was to begin reading.

Other than the Harry Potter books I hadn’t read anything of any worth by the time I was 23.

I really didn’t enjoy fiction and still don’t to this day, I like my fiction on a huge screen with heart shaking sound! 

The first book I bought that changed my perception on the whole reading thing was The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss – not an investing book!

I read The 4-Hour Body about 4 times in a row and couldn’t believe how much value I gained from it. (Great book, well worth a read!)

This led me to seek other books that might have an impact on my life.

I knew Tim Ferriss had another book, The 4-Hour Work Week and i decided too give it a go too.

This is starting to sound like a tribute to Tim Ferriss!

The 4-Hour Work Week changed everything for me. I saw exactly what I wanted in life on those pages.

I was now hooked, I read anything I could find that could have a positive impact on my life. Finance, Investing, Biographies.

I found that as I read more, I actually got better at extracting value from books.

I could read a book on the ancient silk roads and get little chunks of knowledge that were still applicable to my life today.

Audible reading, book library

Getting my reading in with Audible.


In late 2016 I decided to give Audible a try, I haven’t bought an actual book since!

I love how versatile listening to audio books can be.

Since I’ve been listening to books as well as re-reading paper books I know have averaged 53 books per year.

That’s more than one a week for the last 3 years straight!

The impact of reading on your life is huge, most of the things I focus my energy on today, I didn’t even acknowledge before reading.

Reading allows you to learn from the masters in any field.

For investing I have gained knowledge from Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Robert Kiyosaki, John Bogle, Ray Dalio, Phil Town, Guy Spier, Joel Greenblatt and Robbie Burns.

Just to name a few multi million (billion in some cases) pound / dollar investors.

I urge you to start your reading journey today if you haven’t all ready, aim to read 1 book a month then scale up from there.

I highly recommend Audible as you can listen while you drive, workout etc. and it makes it easier to become part of your everyday.

The link below gives you a 30 day free trial which includes 1 free book!

The subscription is awesome because it gives you 1 book credit per month for a flat monthly fee which will save you money on every single book you get!

For reading recommendations make sure to check out the Book Review section of the website.

My latest review was The Richest Man In Babylon, an amazing book on personal finance and investing!

That would be a great book to start with using your free credit on Audible!

For all my future book recommendations, reviews and blog posts make sure to subscribe to the mailing list!

Happy Reading!

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