Save Money With These Offers – 2019

A list of all the latest and greatest offers to save money in 2019. investing smart piggy bank and screen

Updated regularly to help your hard earned money stay with you longer!

Save Money With Cashback Sites

If you don’t already use cashback sites then where have you been?!

Cashback sites are one of the best ways to save money. They work by sharing the referral commissions they earn with their users.

So lets say for example you use Topcashback and head to the Nike online store through their cashback link. 

The cashback at time of writing is 9% on full price purchases. That’s 9% of the price you pay on ANYTHING on the Nike store back in your pocket!

Topcashback will be getting at least 10% from Nike as a referral fee just for sending you to their website. They then give the majority of that to you.

The 3 main Cashback sites to sign up for are

Its well worth signing up for all 3 as they have differing rates of cashback on the same sites at the same time. Check them all and get the best deal!

You can use them for pretty much any purchase you can make online. The cashback really starts to add up quickly.

You can withdraw your cashback to PayPal, direct bank transfer or as an Amazon gift card.

All three are great to use in combination with matched betting as tey offer large cashback bonuses for signing up to bookies! Read about Matched betting here – How This Simple Side Hustle Can Make You An Extra £500+ Per Month

Save Money With Amazon

Now this might seem a strange way to save money but hear me out.

Amazon is striving to be one of the biggest providers of music, TV and books. They offer some pretty decent incentives to try them out.

Usually offering great benefits with 30 day free trials of their services which can already help you save money! 



I love Audible, its how I read (listen to) my books. I find it saves a huge amount of time as I can learn while i’m doing other things like hitting the gym or driving in the car.

It also saves a lot of money – for £7.99 per month you can become a member which includes 1 free book per month. It also lets you buy credits (1 credit gets you 1 book) for £6 each!

That means books that retail at £19.99 can be yours for as little as £6!!

Best of all – Audible offer a Free 30 day trial which includes 1 Free book. Try it here – Audible 30 day Free trial.


Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is great especially when you want to save money. It offers the obvious benefit of free next day delivery – worth the yearly price on its own.

It also gives you Prime Video, Prime Music, access to the Kindle owners lending library (you can borrow books!) and also unlimited cloud storage for your photos!!

Just think of the savings you can make by cancelling your other streaming services and storage plans – Spotify is around £10 per month and Netflix is creeping up to almost that.

You could be saving yourself £200 just from cancelling both of those and then you get the other benefits thrown in too!

Again, Amazon are offering a 30 day Free trial – great even if you just want to see what the fuss is all about! – Amazon Prime 30 Day Free Trial.


Amazon Music

I will keep these brief but Amazon offer a 30 day Free trial when you sign up.

Great even if you just want to have a month of paying for your other music streaming service and go back to them afterwards. – Amazon Music 30 day Free Trial.

Even better news if you are a student – Amazon Music offer a 6 month Free Trial!!! Yes that is correct (at the time of writing!) Take advantage of it here – Amazon Music Student Offer.

They have an extended Prime offer for students too – Amazon Prime Student Offer.


Amazon Prime Video

Same as above, they offer a 30 day Free trial. Give it a bash for a month for free and cancel your other streaming service for a payment break. – Amazon Prime Video 30 Day Free Trial.

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