Profit Accumulator Review 2019 – The Best Matched Betting Site?

In this Profit Accumulator review I cover all of their software and general Profit accumulator reviewhelpfulness and usability of the site!

If you aren’t sure what matched betting is or who Profit Accumulator are then read this first – WHAT IS MATCHED BETTING AND HOW DOES IT WORK? and for even more context you could read – How This Simple Side Hustle Can Make You An Extra £500+ Per Month

First off – What do Profit Accumulator do?

Profit Accumulator are one of the original and highest profile service providers for matched bettors.

Services include:

  • Lists of all current offers.
  • Odds-matching software to find closely matched bets.
  •  Calculators to work out lay bets and a whole range of different bet types.
  • A profit tracker and bookmaker balance tracker.
  • A forum for questions, discussion etc.
  • Instructional videos covering all topics required to matched bet.
Profit accumulator dashboard
The Offers List

The Offers list has three main sections.

The first are the sign-up offers which PA recommend you do first, the casino section and the reload offers section.

The range of offers is always vast and constantly updated.

The team at PA are constantly scouring for the latest offers and they test each signup offer before committing it to the list.

matched betting offers list

As you can see from the above screenshot of the reload offers list, each offer has a handy tag and potential profit tab.

This is great when checking the reload offers because you can see which is risk free, sports, casino etc. just at a glance.

The potential profit tab also helps as it gives you a conservative estimate of what you are looking to make when following the offer instructions.

All great features!

matched betting oddsmatcher
The Oddsmatcher

This software is superb! This is worth the money alone.

If you are a newbie this will be your go-to for each and every offer.

You simply choose the bookmaker your current offer is with and change some of the parameters if required (football, certain date or odds etc.)

The oddsmatcher will do the rest, it finds you a closely matched back bet and lay!

There is a column which tells you the rating out of 100 .

With 100 being a perfect match and also the percentage retention of a free bet.

I absolutely love how easy it to use.

It even has direct integrations with the exchanges.

Meaning you can place your lay bet there and then through their software!

profit accumulator calculator
The Calculators

The calculator software is so simple to use.

As you can see from above, there isn’t much you need to input.

Profit Accumulator also offer a wide range of calculators for a whole number of situations.

There are so many calculators for everything from dutching, fixing an incorrect bet and even one for locking in profit from slightly more complex offers.

Profit Accumulator Forum
The Forum

The Profit Accumulator forum is a great place to learn the ins and outs of matched betting.

I have found it really helpful when discussing individual offers.

You get some great tips on what other people are betting on for the offers and also any issues anyone has come across.

There are some brilliant threads like the “how to make £300 per month’ and how to make £1,000 per month”

These both layout exactly which offers to do in order to make that amount per month!

It literally couldn’t be simpler.


The Profit Tracker and Bookmaker Balance Tracker

One of my favorite tools on the site (probably because it tells me how much I’ve made!) is the profit tracker.

It is a straight forward layout, you simply input which bookmaker the offer was with, the offer itself and the profit.

You can even see month to month graphs of your profits.

The bookmaker balance tracker works in a similar way.

It helps you keep track of where your money is at any given time.


Instructional Videos

Profit Accumulator are great for the newbie.

Not only do they have all the tools, make everything so simple to follow and have a superb forum….

They also have some of the easiest to follow instructional videos for matched betting.

It’s where I learned and where I recommend everyone learns to matched bet.

The videos cover every single topic you will need to be successful, they even embed then in most of the actual offer instructions so you don’t even need to find them.



I think form the review so far you can tell that I absolutely love Profit Accumulator!

The best bit is the price… at £17.99 per month it is hands down one of the best investments you could make.

I have consistently made over £500 per month without putting in any real effort.

There are so many people on the forum who are making full time incomes from matched betting.



If you sign up to Profit Accumulator through any of my links, they will give you a no obligation FREE trial!

The trial takes you through 2 offers and will make you around £45!

That’s completely FREE profit!

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