How This Simple Side Hustle Can Make You An Extra £500+ Per Month

Earn £££ From Day One With This Simple Side Hustle

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A good side hustle is one of the best ways to funnel cash into your other investments and reach your financial goals more quickly.

More than one profitable side hustle and we are really cooking on gas!

Plus, who wouldn’t want an extra £500+ per month!

I will be sharing one of my simplest, quickest and most profitable side hustles and how i make an average of £500+ every month.

The best bit is that it literally takes minutes per day!

This side hustle is Matched Betting.

Now before you slam that x button don’t be put off by the betting part.

It’s completely risk free and you are not actually risking any money! Keep reading to find out how and make your first £45 in less than 10 mins work.

The best thing about it being called betting is that all profits are tax free!

Matched betting is the process of placing 2 bets on an event which cancel each other out.

Sounds stupid right?

Well, we do this in order to unlock free bets from bookmakers which we can then use in the same process to turn to free cash!

Bookmakers give free bet offers all the time to entice customers to have a dabble.


How is it risk free?


Usually in order to get a free bet we would have to first place a real money bet of a certain amount.

The bookmaker will then give us a free bet to a certain amount.

The method to make this completely risk free is to back AND lay your bets, let me explain.

A back bet is when you bet on something TO happen and a lay bet is betting AGAINST something to happen.

E.G. –

  • You place a back bet on Liverpool to win against Man City meaning if Liverpool do win, your bet wins.
  • You also place a lay bet against Liverpool in the same match meaning if Liverpool do not win your lay bet wins.

This method means no matter the outcome you end up with either the same amount you started with or a small ‘qualifying loss’ of a few pence.

If this offer was Coral’s signup offer then you would place a Back bet of £5 and an equivalent lay bet to have you covered.

We would then be given a £20 free bet (no matter the outcome of that first bet)

We use the free bet to back something and we lay against it, we can expect to make £16 profit from the free bet!

The best bit? It only takes minutes per bet!

So that’s £16 for less than 10 minutes work, pretty decent return on time invested right there!


How do you bet against something to happen?


You bet against something to happen at a betting exchange.

A betting exchange is a website where you bet against other people not against bookmakers.

So if you thought a horse would win a race and placed a bet on an exchange then another person would be taking that bet by betting against the same horse.

This is where we place our lay or against bets. Simple.


Profit Accumulator


You may be thinking that this all sounds great but how do I find the offers, find matches to bet on and how do i know how much to place as my against bet?

Luckily there is a place that has all the answers!

I have been a member of Profit Accumulator for almost 2 years now and their service is awesome.

They have an easy to use ‘OFFERS’ section which details all the available offers by category e.g. signup offers and ongoing ‘reload’ offers.

Each offer on their site has detailed instructions to follow so its so simple.

Profit Accumulator have software called the oddsmatcher which will find you the best events to bet for and against for any given bookmaker.

They also have the most important bit – the bet calculator which shows you how much to place your lay bets for.

The forum is an awesome place to ask any questions you may have or to discuss which events people are using for certain offers.


The Best Bit?


The best thing about Profit Accumulator is that you can get all of the tools to make a side income for only £17.99 per month!

With that membership you stand to make £500 plus per month! There is even a section on the forum that shows you exactly how to make over £1,000 per month.

They will even show you how to make your first £45 on a free trial if you click through any of my links, so there is absolutely no risk and your first 2 and a half months would be paid for.

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