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I believe personal finance and investing can be simple.

Personal finance was something I neglected for a looong time. I thought it was complicated and confusing, something other people worried about.

The year I started this website was the same year I bought my first home, for a long time I thought that would never be possible, what changed?

It was the culmination of a money overhaul that had begun a few years before.

I read, watched and listened to everything I could that had anything to do with earning, saving, borrowing and investing….I was a little obsessed.

But the most amazing thing happened, it worked. I started making smarter choices and building up savings, earning through side hustles and investing in the stock market and multiple other places.

Through hard work and trial and error my finances had never been better. The feeling when you are in control of money instead of the other way around is amazing.

I then realised I could help others achieve the same and voila! Investing Smart was born.

This website is full of my best personal finance information, I want to help you take control of your money too!

We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.

Warren Buffett –
Author of

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